3 comments on ““Happy Halloween”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Johnny. So much of what you said has been lying heavily on my heart these weeks surrounding this October “holiday”… May God use your words to enlighten anyone who perhaps was not aware! God bless you, and protect you, brother.


  2. Isaac, I think you are correct about the ‘celebrating’ of halloween, and i don’t understand why a lot of my close christian friends participate. but is it just me or is the tone of your message more condemning than convicting? oh dear, i think you’re gonna be mad at me now. just had to give you my opinion, though.
    ~love from lori


    • Greetings Ma’am. I condemn no one. However, Jesus Himself was pretty harsh when it came to the subject of causing little ones to stumble as I pointed out. I see nothing wrong with simply imitating His same heart of defending the defenseless with zeal. That is who God made me to be. If I happen to step on some toes in the process, all the better. Too many “Christians” nowadays are far too comfortable and might just need there toes stepped on to wake them up from their stupor.

      P.S. It would take something FAR more significant for me to be mad at anyone, haha.


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