7 comments on “Servants of the Goat

  1. Ok thank you, So how did you get this piece to wright? How did you get it in your head? Were you reading your bible, or were you watching something, did God speak to you about it? I am just curious is all. I love the this piece as well, you have a gift for this kind of work Good Job.


    • Actually, it was a combination of three things. First was Thor: Ragnarok that I saw in theaters which reminded me of how easily we put so many different figures fictional or otherwise on a pedestal to worship as false gods. Including Christians sadly. Second, was a relational clash I had with someone close to me, that made me think of how petty we are so often. And last, was a murder of an innocent citizen by a police officer I witnessed (on the internet). The combination of these three elements fused into a source of inspiration that burned within me, and I couldn’t stop working on this until it was done. I finished at 7:30 am actually, haha.


      • Oh wow, I am surprised that all that was in one piece that’s amazing, but also sad that is the reality of this world. I am sorry you had to witness that and also for your clash with someone sadly it comes with being friends. The test is can you get through it and become even closer in that friendship or family member. Thank you for answering my questions, I will leave you be now. God bless you and your family and have a safe winter. (Sorry for any errors in my writing.)


      • Indeed. Thank you. I can say that all that I have seen and endured, the Lord has used to strengthen me and help me to see others more as how He sees them. May you also be blessed.


  2. Wow… This is incredible. How sobering, and stirring to my soul! I am no professional poem critic, but that was stunning, Isaac. Your word usage, along with such a unique and fascinating rhythm, we’re quite intriguing… And, I am better for having read it. Thank you, my brother.


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