3 comments on “New Film Project

  1. It was really good, the camera work was nicely done, the narration was done awesome, the message in it was done well. I love mostly the camera and narration of it. I give it an A.
    Great job.


  2. Wow. I thought this was excellently done, the voicing was perfect. The images definitely added to the effect, and I loved how you mixed the Scripture references with your own words (I think you did that, right?). I am the better for having seen it… I am blessed, and others will be, and enriched by it. Wonderful, Johnny, truly wonderfully done.


    • I did use my own words, but only twice. “And now…?” As well as, “Therefore…” Other than that, all the rest of was straight scripture. I did use a couple different translations to make it flow a little better.

      I’m glad you liked it, sister. 🙂 It was actually a project for school that I took a bit farther than I had to, but I thought it was a great excuse to do some filming. Praise to the King.


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