In Regards to Myself

In the random chance that some of you would care to know more about me, I offer you the following:

I am a Non-Denominational Christian, and I believe the Bible is God’s perfect, infallible Word – I believe every word of it from cover to cover. I believe He is a Holy Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Bible was written by God through man. Though the media has desired to tarnish the trustworthiness of the Bible, it is as reliable now as it ever was.

I am from a family of five children, of which I am the youngest. In our ancestry, we hail from England, Germany, and Spain via Cuba.

I was home schooled since 3rd grade, but as opposed to the stereotypical “home schooler,” I am a very outgoing person, and am passionate about everything I do. Having been blessed to be born into a greatly musical family, music has become one of my greatest passions, and I, therefore, play several instruments.

I enjoy socializing and being around others, but I also deeply value solitude as well. I treasure the quiet and stillness of nature.

I am a staunch defender of chivalry, and I do not believe that chivalry is dead, but if it is, I am determined to resurrect it.

I am a warrior and Knight of my Lord Jesus Christ. It is my greatest desire to bring honor and glory to His name in everything I do. Amidst a world so corrupt and twisted by greed and hate, Jesus Christ is the only One who is pure, and truly has our best interests in mind, with no other hidden agenda. He alone is the Rock upon whom we can stand. Human beings have failed, are failing, and will continue to fail us, but God never will. Trust in Him and He will direct your paths, He will lead you to green pastures. He will bring you rest. He will give you joy. He will give you eternal life.

It is He that I serve, it is for Him that I live, and it is for Him that I will die with joy and peace in my heart.

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